We are using Vital Oxide to disinfect the Covid 19.

Our Difference

What sets us apart from other Commercial and Office Cleaning Organizations

We are a different kind of commercial and office cleaning organization.


Our commercial cleaning company has a quality assurance program that enables us to stay connected to our customers and gather valuable feedback.

  • Periodic Inspection by Cleaning Service Supervisor(s) – Conduct monthly or more frequent inspection with test meters to ensure the office cleaning has been properly performed and the  workplace is cleaned to your satisfaction.
  • We hire trained personnel with financial responsibility for their cleaning efforts.
  • Cleaning services are scheduled per management request.
  • We offer commercial carpet cleaning, floor waxing service, and pressure washing.
  • Our staff has knowledge of and experience handling hazardous materials.
  • A specialized color code system is in place to prevent cross-contamination.


We are very committed to environmental stewardship and doing the right thing for the environment and the office in question, especially regarding our processes and cleaning supplies.

Customers could select their choice of chemicals, including greener alternatives, which we supply so you can focus on your business. Our cleaning supplies are gentle, yet highly effective for removing 99% of toxins from the environment. This enables us to be sustainable from start to finish. Moreover, the supplies we use for office cleaning are safe for individuals that have allergies and are sensitive to certain cleaning chemicals, leaving a pleasant experience for your employees and customers. We clean everything from hospitals and day cares to manufacturing facilities and are very mindful of the health and safety of customers and employees who operate within the environments. We also use reusable cloths and wiping material to reduce our environmental footprint.

If you’re ready to get the most environmentally-friendly office cleaning service available, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us today!